"By blending broadcast quality with the ability to tailor a video stream to an individual's interests, Vushaper is something entirely new: Precision unicast TV."

Robert Whitmore, CEO, Motivideo

The Concept

Broadcast-quality video, assembled in real time from countless sources.

Vushaper is true unicast, providing each with something distinct, personalized and irresistible. And Vushaper goes unicast one better. Vushaper is self-assembling unicast TV. The “self-assembling” part makes all the difference, because Vushaper’s stream of video changes as fast as each viewer’s life changes. As soon as anything changes in what a viewer wants or needs, the stream of video changes to reflect it. Vushaper video can dodge and weave as fast as real life.

For Viewers

Relentless viewer involvement

Television is high momentum. Video is relentless. A high-impact stream of images and sounds keep on coming, and viewer escape is not an option. Vushaper delivers glued-to-the-couch, stuck-to-the-screen TV. Traditional video is limited to the delivery of a one-size-fits-all experience. Vushaper delivers one-to-one media. Everyone sees a unique stream of video that’s curiously right for them.

For Creators

Create content that evolves and responds as it captivates and compels.

The Vushaper app allows media publishers, video content creators, TV networks and app creators to deliver self-assembling video to viewers on mobile devices and on the web. Why force users to read text and respond, when you can show them customized video that self-assembles with no action required from the viewer. When more information IS needed to assemble the best stream of content for a particular viewer then the video itself calls for a response. Each response then triggers the stream of video to assemble itself in a new way that’s responsive to the question asked, or the response given.